Rick Scott(non-registered)
Love it,would like to visit.
Chris Voges(non-registered)
So sad. Dad and mom had a place on Howard Flat across the old highway on Apple acres road from 1974 until 1999. Our family camped at 25 Mile Creek Resort for many years. Dad used it as a starting point for his deer hunts up lake. I worked there for two summers in 1968 & '69 before going into the Air Force. Teared up looking at the photographs by Sy and tried to remember where the photos were taken and what the areas looked like. My heart goes out to those who lost there houses and businesses.
Thank you, Sy, for the pictures.
Caroline & Gordy(non-registered)
Thank you Sy for the photos. The one of the man looking at the ruins of the apple warehouse summed up the whole story.
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